Integral Water Proofing Compounds for Cement Mortar & Concrete(Liquid)


  • WPL contains highly concentrated mixture of active ingredients to make concrete waterproof.
  • WPL increases workability (for easy concrete flow) durability, cohesive property and surface finish.
  • WPL significantly reduces water demand to enable production of good workability concrete with minimum water-cement ratio.
  • BIS certified product.
  • Each batch goes under five stringent lab tests before packing.
  • Disperses immediately with gauging water.
  • Waterproofs by actually improving the quality of concrete or mortar.
  • Durability is increased due to significant reduction in cement-water ratio.
  • Chloride free, hence safe for all structures and pre-cast concrete.
  • Improves plasticity and cohesion for better compaction and finishing.
  • Very economical, approximately Rs. 0.40/ kg of cement. The surface finish of concrete improves.
  • Chloride Content less than 0.05%.

Sunken slabs, ground and roof slabs, basements, water tanks, sea walls, exposed super structures and pre-cast concrete.

  • Add 100 ml of WPL to one bag of ordinary portland cement (50 Kgs.) WPL should be added while mixing water. It should not be added to dry cement.
  • Never add this product to dry cement.

Available in 100ml , 200ml, 500ml , 1 liter , 3 liters & 5 liters.


Two years from the manufacturing date, if stored in sealed containers.


As with all chemical products caution should always be exercised.Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn. Treat any contact to the skin or eyes with fresh water immediately. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting but call for medical assistance immediately.


This information intended only for general guidance in the application of our products. Because of the large number of possible methods of application and processing, we are unable to accept responsibility in anyone particular case or application.

All product information's & application details given by Riya Chemy & its agents has been provided in good faith & meant to serve only as a general guideline during usage. Users are advised to carryout tests & take trials to ensure on the suitability of products meeting their requirement prior to full scale usage of our products. Since the correct identification of the problems, quality of other materials used and the on-site workmanship are factors beyond our control, there are no expressed or implied guarantee / warranty as to the results obtained.

Riya Chemy does not assume any liability or consequential damage for unsatisfactory results.

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